These past 4 weeks…

Hey guys!so I’m just going to tell you what awesome things I’ve done the past 4 weeks (that’s why I wasn’t posting anything).I was so busy hanging out with my INCREDIBLE FAMILY that I’m SO greatful for.So first the Genaroma family came (visit her blog : 4 weeks ago and we watched Brave, went to the store, bought squirt guns and had a water gun fight…. SO awesome. Then 2 weeks later, which was exactly 7 days ago, my other family which is Genaroma’s sister came over and we went to San Francisco, rented an incredible beach house that was 3 stories tall,had a balcony, 1 acre (with a tree.. gigantic actually, that had 1 small swing,1 big swing, and 2 rope swings), and tons of trees and bushes and secret hide outs.. we also played hide and seek.After the first night, we had a wonderful night of sleep , and had a story told to us and my adorable baby cousin Genaroma’s sister Noveroma’s son got baptized! then slept one more night and went   home.then a few days later the Noveroma’s and Genaroma’s sister went home along with her husband and 3 kids that are also my cousins left… 😦 . After that day it was my baby cousin’s birthday (the one that got baptized) and now he’s 1… sadly the Genaroma family left. But other then them leaving I had a blast!


2 comments on “These past 4 weeks…

  1. Gena says:

    We miss everyone so much already! We have to visit our beach house again. That place was amazing especially that beautiful old tree.

  2. kittylove66 says:

    i miss u bella hove u have a great school year

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