How to :Resin Charms

Hey everyone, so today i’m going to tell you how to make homemade resin charms.


a type of resin (i’m using Easy Cast)

a flexible mold to put your resin in

mixing tool

mixing container (don’t use anything you put food in)

stuff to put in your resin charm such as beads,stickers,glitter,…..

Let’s get started!First, mix your resin (follow your resin instructions) together (equal amounts) very slowly to avoid air bubbles, but if you are very rough while mixing or mixing very fast just get a hair dryer, plug it in,turn it on low, and place the hair dryer over resin for about thirty seconds and pop air bubbles with a toothpick.Next let that thicken for about half an hour (thirty mins) and then place your design in the resin.once it is fully dry put an extra layer on top and let dry, after fully drying pop it out of the mold.If your resin charm has rough edges, just sand it down with sandpaper or a nail filer




One comment on “How to :Resin Charms

  1. Gladys H says:

    They look great, Bella!

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