D.I.Y Crayon Art!!

 Hey everyone! so today I am going to teach you how to make Crayon Art so let’s get started!            So this is what you need:

Hair dryer,old crayons you don’t need or use,white liquid glue, and a canvas(I didn’t have one so I just used cardboard)

 So first you have to set your crayons on your canvas or cardboard in the order you want and then glue it on, once you do that put some extra glue on top of some of the crayons.Then plug your hair dryer in and then place your crayons and canvas up straight so it will stand up (it’s best to let it lean on a door or something like that) now place the hair dryer over the end of the crayons and wait about 4-5 mins.Now heres how it will look:





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