DIY braided ankle bracelet!!

Hey guys! so I was playing around with some yarn just hanging around in my room and I made my own ankle bracelet.So let’s get started with the materials, you will need:
yarn,scissors,and tape (ordinary tape or duct tape it doesn’t matter).So let’s get started!So just pull out a LONG piece of yarn and cut it, next cut that whole piece in half and then cut those pieces in half too.So now just take 3 pieces if string and tape the end to something so it will stay together ad then braid it together and tie a knot at the end,& repeat the same thing two more times and then your’e going to braid those three pieces together and then tie another knot at the end, once your done with that remove the pieces of tape from the yarn but hold the braid so it doesn’t un-braid so just tie another knot on that end of the yarn and you are done, but you may have to cut more pieces of string but once you are done just tie it on your ankle, it sounds complicated but it’s very easy it’s just like making 3 braids and then braiding them together, now does that sound a little more easier?So I hope you guys try this and tell me how it all works out.


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