D.i.y pencil/pen flowers!

My new craft is called flower pencils.
What you need:
glue gun and glue stick,
ribbon or fabric strips,
pencil,pen, or crayon,
embelishments for the center of the flower(optional),
paint and paint brush (to color to flower stem, optional),

First, paint the pencil or pen with your paint the color you want your stem to be and let that dry.While that’s drying were going to cut a circle out of your paper the size of your flower and then were going to take our ribbon or fabric strips and cut at least 4 equal sizes for the petals I cut 1 inch.Once you do that plug your hot glue gun in with the glue stick and wait for some of the glue to leak and that wen you start making the flower, so were going to take our paper circle and our glue gun (IT’S HOT!) and cover one side of the circle and place one end of the ribbon on the glue wait for it to dry and flip it over and do the same thing on the other side and connect the ribbons, and let that dry. Once that’s done, you can place your embellishments in the center of your flower if you like. Now take your writing utensil and glue your flower on.
I hope you find this DIY tutorial helpful.


2 comments on “D.i.y pencil/pen flowers!

  1. Gena says:

    can I order a pencil flower from you? this sounds fantastic. Maybe you can post photos up of your work so we can see them. I bet they’re as cute as they sound.

  2. ruby says:

    froggy likes it

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